Nouvelles du n°57 du 3 septembre 2020
News n°57 of September 3, 2020

(English in italic blue)

Nous voici déjà en septembre ! 
Depuis la reprise des stages en juillet en prenant les précautions sanitaires appropriées, les activités à Montchardon ont pu se dérouler dans de bonnes conditions.
Dans ce courrier nous allons vous parler de  :

  • La santé de Lama Teunsang
  • Fermeture annuelle du Centre
  • Les stages de novembre et décembre 2020
  • Début des travaux du nouveau bâtiment – 31 août
  • Interview de deux drouplas à la sortie de la retraite de 3 ans

Here we are already in September. Since the start of the courses in July, taking the appropriate sanitary precautions, the activities in Montchardon have been able to take place in good conditions. 
In this mail we will tell you about :

  • Lama Teunsang’s health
  • Annual closure of the Centre
  • Courses in November and December 2020 booking
  • Start of construction of the new building – August 31
  • Interview of two druplas after the 3 years retreat 

Stages de juillet et août

Depuis les dernières nouvelles du 30 juillet, la santé de Lama Teunsang est restée stable. Les dernières analyses de sang sont aussi bonnes que le mois précédent. 

Since the last newsletter on July 30th, Lama Teunsang’s health has remained stable. The latest blood tests are as good as the previous month. 

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Stages de juillet et août

Le Centre de Montchardon sera fermé du lundi 31 août au jeudi 17 septembre inclus.

The Montchardon Centre will be closed from Monday, August 31st to Thursday, September 17th inclusively. 

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Stages de juillet et août

Les stages de novembre et décembre sont à présents disponibles. Les réservations seront ouvertes dès le 1er octobre en fin de journée.

The November and December courses are now available. Reservations will be open from October 1st at the end of the day.

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Règles de Montchardon - Covid-19

Ce 31 août 2020 a marqué le début des travaux du nouveau bâtiment. A cette occasion une cérémonie symbolique a été organisée avec le dépôt de la première brique du futur bâtiment par Lama Teunsang.

August 31, 2020 marked the start of construction of the new building. On this occasion a symbolic ceremony was organized with the laying of the first brick of the future building by Lama Tönsang.

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Règles de Montchardon - Covid-19

Quelques jours après la sortie de retraite de Montchardon, le 5 juin 2020, certaines retraitantes et retraitants ont accepté de parler de leur expérience de vie. Nous vous livrons ici les témoignages de Marie-Dominique et Guillaume 

A few days after Montchardon’s retreat on June 5, 2020, some retreatants agreed to talk about their life experience. Here are the testimonies of Marie-Dominique and Guillaume. (English subtitles soon available)

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Règles de Montchardon - Covid-19

En juin 2020, Lama Teunsang a demandé à Jean-Marc Falcombello d’assumer la fonction de lama responsable du CEBT Genève. À partir du mois de septembre, en plus des invitations de maîtres de la lignée, un certain nombre de week-ends d’approfondissement de la pratique seront planifiés.

In June 2020, Lama Teunsang asked Jean-Marc Falcombello to assume the function of lama in charge of the CEBT Geneva. Starting in September, in addition to invitations from masters of the lineage, a certain number of weekends for deepening the practice will be planned.

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Voilà pour aujourd’hui. That’s all for today

Cordialement dans le Dharma / Yours in the Dharma
L’équipe de Montchardon

Vigilance COVID at Montchardon

The programme now takes place under special circumstances, since the Centre may resume its activities provided that the health rules are strictly observed.

The conditions of participation imply strict compliance with the barrier measures, whether for practices or courses.

Here is how we will organize ourselves.
For places of worship such as Montchardon, the rules set by the State are as follows:

  • - upon arrival at the Centre, the trainee must not be ill or show symptoms of the virus.
  •  obligation to maintain a distance of 1m around oneself, in the temple, in the refectory and when moving around the Centre,
  • - mandatory wearing of a protective mask in :
    •   - the temple: permanently during the teachings and daily collective practices.
    •   - the refectory: from the entrance to the moment of sitting down and if you get up to get a drink or to go out.
    •   - all other situations: as soon as it is difficult to maintain distance from others,
  • - hand washing with hydro-alcoholic gel at the entrance and exit of the temple and refectory, every time you enter the self-service area and on all occasions when you have to touch a collective object.
  • - An identifiable member of the administration will be responsible for the entry and exit phases of the prayer area to ensure that the rules are respected.

If you are unable or unwilling to follow these guidelines, we ask that you do not come to the Centre while these rules are in effect. The same applies, of course, if you are ill or have symptoms of the virus.

About Lama Teunsang

It is essential to protect Lama Teunsang whose immunity is compromised, making him extremely vulnerable to infection, and the people at the centre are in daily contact with him for meals and care. This also means that it is not appropriate to return to Lama Teunsang's home to greet him. For the compelling reasons mentioned above, he currently only receives those who care for his health.

No offering of kata to Lama Teunsang
It is asked to stay away from him, at least 1m and not to offer him a kata.
This use, so much appreciated by all of us, is currently suspended during the Covid period, to preserve its still fragile health.

Individual interview with Lama Teunsang
We asked Lama Teunsang about personal interviews. He does not wish to resume them for the time being. We will inform you of their resumption when he tells us so.
However, it is possible to request an interview with one of the Lamas of Montchardon. See with the translator.

In brief

Access to the temple will be limited to 80 people to respect sanitary distances. For accommodation, the rooms with several people will become individual accommodation, except for couples or families. The number of dormitory places will be reduced to space between beds. We will thus be able to accommodate about 80 people. The campsite will be open, the installation of the tents will have to follow the same instructions. We will have disinfecting liquids in all the places where it is necessary.

We would like to remind you:

  • - on the one hand, failure to respect the rules could lead to the closure of the Centre and legal proceedings.
  • - on the other hand, we have a moral obligation to protect ourselves and others from a potentially dangerous disease, especially since we live in collective premises.

As Buddhist practitioners, the constraints of masks, social distances and frequent hand washing can be integrated into our practice, as a constant training for vigilance and support of attention in our daily actions. It is also a great opportunity to practice the awakening mind, the altruistic attitude: "I commit myself to make this effort, thinking more about the well-being and health of others than about my own inconvenience". These are the skillful means of Dharma called " integrating unpleasantness into the path ".