Lama Teunsang étant de plus en plus essoufflé depuis quelques jours, avec une difficulté à respirer qui s’accentuait de jour en jour, il a été hospitalisé du 22 au 26 janvier sur les recommandations de Sophie Tartas, notre amie oncologue qui suit le Lama depuis deux ans.

L’examen clinique a révélé un tableau de décompensation cardiaque droite, se traduisant par une rétention d’eau très importante dans le corps. Une radiographie pulmonaire, une échographie cardiaque, puis un scanner ont confirmé ce diagnostic. En outre un épanchement pleural (de l’eau dans l’espace entre les poumons et la paroi du thorax) a pu être ponctionné et évacué. Des analyses complémentaires, dont certaines sont encore en cours, n’ont pas révélé de cellules malignes. Un traitement par diurétiques à haute dose a permis de réduire rapidement la rétention d’eau, avec de bons résultats sur son essoufflement.

Cependant cette décompensation cardiaque constitue un facteur de fragilité supplémentaire. Il faut en déterminer la cause, et le diagnostic n’est pas encore clairement établi. Des examens complémentaires devraient permettre de définir le traitement le plus adapté. En attendant Lama Teunsang a un nouveau traitement diurétique.

Par ailleurs durant son séjour à l’hôpital, le médecin lui a proposé d’être vacciné contre le Covid, au vu de son âge et ses multiples facteurs de risque. Lama Teunsang a tout de suite accepté et a reçu la première injection, qui sera suivie d’une deuxième dans quelques semaines. Nous sommes conscients que l’opportunité du vaccin anti-covid est diversement appréciée parmi nos membres. Mais l’état de santé du Lama nécessite une protection maximale contre ce virus. Son organisme est affaibli, suite à son cancer à l’estomac pour lequel a subi une lourde opération, par la leucémie, qui bien que contrôlée est encore active. Il s’y ajoute une maladie auto-immune récurrente liée aux IGg4 et désormais une insuffisance cardiaque. A 86 ans, une infection par la Covid – malgré toutes les précautions que l’on prend – lui serait certainement fatale.

Lama Teunsang est sorti de l’hôpital le 26 janvier et se repose au centre. Il explique aux personnes qui s’inquiètent qu’il n’y a rien d’extraordinaire et que tout est normal : “je suis maintenant un homme âgé, mes sens s’émoussent et mon corps se détériore naturellement”. Dès son retour de l’hôpital, il a repris son rythme quotidien de présence au temple et se repose la journée. Il lui est maintenant devenu trop difficile d’enseigner comme avant. Il dit ne plus très bien voir et sa mémoire lui fait défaut.

Nous continuerons à vous tenir informé(e)s régulièrement de l’état de santé de Lama Teunsang, comme nous le faisons depuis trois ans. Nous faisons tout ce qui est médicalement recommandé pour le soutenir, et nous vous remercions d’être si nombreuses et nombreux à faire des souhaits pour sa longévité.

Nous vous rappelons que depuis le 19 avril 2020, après la proposition de Karmapa, qui recommandait de réciter des mantras afin de se lier à Lama Teunsang, nous avons initié un comptage de récitation de manis.
Nous arrivons à presque 75 millions !
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News of Lama Teunsang’s Health

Lama Teunsang was more and more breathless over the last few days, with breathing difficulties worsening from day to day. He was therefore hospitalised from January 22nd to 26th, based on the recommendations of Sophie Tartas, our oncologist friend who has been following the Lama for two years.

The clinical examination revealed a picture of right heart decompensation, resulting in very high water retention in the body. A chest X-ray, a cardiac ultrasound then a CT scan confirmed this diagnosis. In addition, a pleural effusion (water in the space between the lungs and the chest wall) could be punctured and evacuated. Further tests, some of which are still in progress, did not reveal any malignant cells. Treatment with high-dose diuretics rapidly reduced water retention, with good results on breathlessness.

However, this cardiac decompensation represents an additional fragility. The cause must be determined, and the diagnosis has not yet been clearly established. Further examinations should make it possible to define the most suitable treatment. In the meantime, Lama Teunsang has a new diuretic treatment.

Furthermore, during his stay in hospital, the doctor suggested that he be vaccinated against Covid, given his age and his multiple risk factors. Lama Teunsang immediately accepted and received the first injection, which will be followed by a second one in a few weeks. We are aware that the opportunity of the Covid vaccine is diversely appreciated among our members. But the Lama’s health status requires maximum protection against this virus. His body is weakened by the after-effects of his stomach cancer for which he underwent a major operation, by leukaemia, which although controlled is still active. In addition to it, he suffers from a recurrent autoimmune disease linked to IGg4 and now heart failure. At the age of 86, a Covid infection – despite all the precautions taken – would certainly be fatal.

Lama Teunsang was discharged from hospital on January 26th and is resting at the Centre. He explains to people who are worried that there is nothing extraordinary and that everything is normal: “I am now an elderly man, my senses are dull and my body is deteriorating naturally”. As soon as he returned from the hospital, he resumed his daily rhythm of presence at the temple and rests during the day. It has now become too difficult for him to teach as he did before. He says he can no longer see very well, and his memory is failing.

We will continue to keep you regularly informed of Lama Teunsang’s health status, as we have been doing for the past three years. We are doing all that is medically recommended to support him, and we thank you for being so many to pray for long life.

We remind you that since April 19, 2020, after Karmapa’s proposal to recite mantras in order to bind oneself to Lama Teunsang, we have initiated a manis recitation count. We have reached almost 75 million!
We invite you to participate if you wish by clicking here :

This summer the programme will take place under special circumstances, since the Centre can resume activities provided that sanitary measures are strictly observed.

Whether you are vaccinated or not, whether you have a negative PCR test or not, does not change the need to respect sanitary measures.

Your presence in Montchardon implies that you strictly respect sanitary measures in all circumstances.

We are now used to these measures:

  1. Wear a protective mask in the temple during the whole teaching or practice period, in the refectory until you start eating, and in all situations where it is difficult to maintain a 1m distance with others.
  2. Hand wash with hydro-alcoholic gel when entering and leaving the temple and refectory, whenever accessing the self-service area and on all occasions when touching a collective object.
  3. Maintain a distance of 1m around yourself, in the temple, in the refectory and when moving around in the Centre.

Access to the temple will be limited to 70/80 people to respect sanitary distances.

For accommodation, the rooms that accommodate several people will become individual rooms, except for couples or families. The number of places in the dormitory will be reduced to space out the beds. This will allow us to accommodate about 80 people.

The campsite area will be open, and the layout of the tents should follow the same guidelines. Disinfectant will be available in all places where necessary.

These rules must be maintained in Montchardon at all times.


- We have a moral obligation to protect ourselves and others from disease, especially as we live in collective premises.

- It is important to continue to protect Lama Teunsang, whose immunity is greatly diminished, even though he has been vaccinated.

For these reasons, we are asking all those who come this summer to commit to respecting sanitary measures. This commitment will take the official form of a box to be ticked on the registration form, which will allow everyone to come to the Centre with complete peace of mind.

If you cannot or do not wish to follow these guidelines, we ask you not to come to the Centre while these rules are in effect.

The same applies, of course, if you are ill or have symptoms of the virus.

When you leave, if you need to have a PCR test, this can be done in the cities in the area. However, it will be up to you to organise (making an appointment, travelling to and from the test site), because the Centre cannot manage these procedures.