Prices and membership

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To know the price of a stay, add up the following prices :
1) one year membership cost
2) sessions fees, if you take part in a training course
3) daily fees (accommodation and food)
4) other expenses : transportation

The prices are recalculated every year. The prices shown are those of the current year.


Our centre of Tibetan studies being a non-profit oraganization under the French law 1901, whoever wants to take part in our activities must be a member of the association. Membership must be registered at the beginning of each year, or at least at the first stay of the year.

Our centre offers four membership formulas :
1) member : 23€ /  year
2) supporting member : 60€ / year (or more)
3) “couple” membership : 31€ / year
4) donating member : 15€ / month (or more) on a one year period

Training session fees

The training session fees are cheap, and represent a support to the cost of the organization of a session. The prices are shown on the price column of the session description board. Nyoung Né sessions have a particular price. For the “Other sessions” from external participants, the prices are determined by each teacher.

Staying fees (food and accomodation)

You will contribute to the staying fees depending on your resources. A price list is suggested to you and left to your own appreciation in order to let you contribute according to your financial status. The lowest price does not cover the real expenses of a stay but can be considered as a support offered by our center so that money problems cannot stop anyone from taking part in our activities. However, our centre depends on your financial help.
The average price of a stay (food and accommodation) for one is 26-27€, including the functioning costs, which is listed as price B. The two other listed prices (C and D) represent a support to our centre and allow us to offer lower prices.

The price list applys to any stay, except the Nyoung Né sessions.

– The daily fees include the accommodation and three meals a day. The meals are counted from the first meal you take after your arrival. You cannot deduce any meal from your stay.

– The stay are free for children under 4, half price under 16. We remind you that in our centre, parents are totally responsible for their children and must make sure they are looked after all the time. No special structure is dedicated to them.

– Decreasing rates are applied depending on the length of your stay, 20% off for 30 days, 30% off for 90 days and over.

To book, you need to fill the registration sheet and pay a deposit for the staying fees.

15€ per person and for 2 days’ sessions, 30€ for 3-7 days’ sessions, and 30€ per week for a retreat (Nyoung Né excluded).

“Other sessions” can have different fees, they are determined by the teacher.

The fees can be refund in case cancellation is noticed more than ten days before a stay/session starts.

Price of a stay for one person in 2019

To know the cost of a stay, choose one of the four prices depending on your income – from A (lowest) to D (Highest) and choose a type of accommodation. The price selected includes the accommodation and the three daily meals. The meals are counted from the first meal taken after your arrival.

Price per day [1] Price A Price B Price C Price D
Incoming < 1200 € from 1200 to1500 € from 1500 to 2000 € >1700 €
Dormitory [2] 22,80 € 26,80 € 29,80 € 32,10 €
Shared bedroom 25 € 29 € 32 € 34,30 €
Individual bedroom 30,10 € 33,10 € 36,10 € 38,30 €
Multi-bed studio 29,20 € 34,10 € 37,10 € 39,40 €
Camping with meals 18,30 € 21,30 € 23,90 € 26 €
Camping witouht meals 7,70 € 8,20 € 8,70 € 9,20 €

Prices for Nyoung Né in 2019

Sessions in the dormitory [3] Price A Price B Price C Price D
Incoming < 1200 € from 1200 to 1500 € from 1500 to 2000 € >1700 €
global 1 session 55,90 € 63,90€ 69 € 73,10 €
global 2 sessions 96,70 € 109,30 € 117,60 € 124,50 €
3 sessions* consécutives and + 39,20 € 43,80 € 47 € 49,80 €
9 sessions* consécutives and + 36,00 € 40,60 € 43,50 € 46,30 €
16 sessions* consécutives and + / / / /
100 sessions* / / / /
add the dinner the night before,
one night and the rice soup on the last day
15,10 € 18,50 € 20,40 € 21,70 €

Informations on the “Other sessions” fees

The price, shown at the end of each session of “Other sessions”, only represents the price determined by the teacher. You have to add the staying fees and the one-year membership if you have not already paid for it. For particular sessions, an additional membership can be requested by the teacher. So you will have to :

– Subscribe to our centre for the accommodation by paying the daily fees.
– Subscribe to the teacher of the session.

The fees determined by teacher are shown at the end of the session description page. If you pay the fees by cheque (French cheque only), make sure that you write the name and the address mentioned in the description sheet. The fees should be paid at your arrival, by cash or cheque (no credit card). Except in case of absolute necessity, the fees can be refund only if the cancellation is noticed more than three weeks before a session begins.

[1] for one person, food and accommodation

[2] If you have booked a stay in the dormitory, plan to add 2,10€/night to stay in a shared bedroom and 7,10€/night to stay in a individual bedroom or a 2/3 beds studio.

[3] Nyoung Né prices include meals, accommodation (in the dormitory) and session fees.

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