For practical reasons, the centre kindly asks to book one’s stay one week ahead and at the latest 48h in advance in case of unexpected circumstances.

To book your stay you need to fill in the booking form and to pay a deposit. There are three ways to book : online, by postal mail or by fax.

No booking is registered upon a phonecall.

Standard booking – You may choose one of these two ways to book your stay
For your rate see the incoming table here

A) On line : fill the online booking form  (with your credit card numbers Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard – No Diners nor American Express). The link is secure. Do not send your credit card’s number by email.

B) By postal mail : fill and print the booking form and send it to CET, 8900 route de Montchardon, 38160 IZERON, with a cheque to a french bank, or use any postal cash transfer (do not fill the credit card datas on the postal form).

If you wish a confirmation, please give us an email address.

Please fill in one form per person and make a correspondant deposit of 15€ for each stay.
Deposits are refundable if you cancel your stay 10 days ahead only.

You will also have to become a member of the center : membership is 23€ a year for one person and 31€ for a couple.

We usually give a feed back within 24 hours via email.

Upon arrival, please go to the front office to register your stay. If you arrive after opening hours you will find you roomkey in the basket next to the office door (Accueil) with your name and indication of your housing. The map of the buildings is above the basket. In such case, you have to go to the office on the following morning.

If you need help for your booking you can call everyday from 9AM to 12 and from 2PM till 4PM +33 4 76 38 33 13
The answering machine might be on during opening hours. If your question is not urgent, contact the office by mail accueil.

Concerning the courses from May to September 2020
Attention: For the moment the courses from May to September 2020 newly added on the site, are not yet bookable.
Don’t worry! The opening date for booking these courses will be communicated to you soon by email through the “Nouvelles de Montchardon” and will also be announced on the website on the Home page.
There is therefore no need to contact the Reception, phone or send booking dates for events that do not appear in the drop-down list on the booking form.
For any other question, please use this form.

Formulaire de contact simple

Concernant les stages de mai à septembre 2020
Attention: Pour le moment les stages de mai à septembre 2020 nouvellement ajoutés sur le site, ne sont pas encore réservables.
Ne vous inquiétez pas ! la date d’ouverture de réservation de ces stages vous sera communiquée prochainement par email à travers les “Nouvelles de Montchardon” et sera annoncée également sur le site web sur la page d’Accueil.
Il est donc inutile de contacter l’Accueil, de téléphoner ou d’envoyer des dates de réservation pour des événements qui n’apparaissent pas dans la liste déroulante du formulaire de réservation.
Pour tout autre question, veuillez utiliser ce formulaire.

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