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8900 route de Montchardon
38160 IZERON

Front desk :
Mail : front desk.
T : +33 4 76 38 33 13
Fax : +33 4 76 38 41 91
The front desk opens form 9h to 12h and from 14h to16h. The answering machine might be on during the day. For any non-urgent information please get in touch by mail.

Shop :
Mail : shop.
T : +33 4 76 38 07 37
Fax : +33 4 76 38 41 91
To know the opening times please contact the front desk :
Front desk : +33 4 76 38 33 13

To get in touch with a course participant :
During mealtimes only
(8h-8h40 ; 12h-12h40 ; 19h-19h40)

T : +33 4 76 36 79 79

The center does not provide internet access and mobile phones don’t always get through. Please organise your trip consequently (train timetables, contact with your family). A card use phone booth is available in front of the front desk.

Get to Montchardon by road

The closest town, Izeron is 50km away from Grenoble and Valence. It is crossed by the RN532 road. The A49 motorway Grenoble-Valence is not far and you can exit at St. Marcellin or Vinay.

In Izeron follow the Montchardon sign and take the mountain road on the left.

Caution Montchardon is in a mountain area at a height of 800m. If there is snow on the road, French law makes snow chains compulsary. If you plan to come to the center between november 15th and april 15th, make sure you have appropriate snow chains.

If you use a GPS these are the numbers : Latitude 45° 08’ 53,9″ or 45,14805 ° Nord Longitude 5° 24’ 29,9″ or 5,40805 ° East Beware no access by the Cogning road in winter.

The center cannot organise carsharing.

acces Izeron and acces Cognin : see the road map

no access by the Cognin road in winter.

Get to Montchardon by rail

The closest station is St. Marcellin and our transportation service on demand will get you to the center. TGV trains get to Grenoble and Valence TGV station, then you have to get on a local train.

Download SNCF local train timetables by selecting the Grenoble-Valence timesheet.

Transportation Service

The center offers shuttle service from St. Marcellin train station to the center (distance 15 km) and back twice a day except on Sundays. The fare for one way is 7 €. The shuttle to Montchardon waits in front of the train station and the trip takes approximately 30 minutes. Passengers are dropped in front of the train station.

Please indicate your need for shuttle service at the time of registration, as the service is on demand only.

You must confirm your need for shuttle service by mail or phone two days before the trip. Confirmed trips will have to be paid even if you found another way to get to the center.

 The shuttle leaves from St. Marcellin to Montchardon at 8.55 hours am and 17.55 hours pm. It leaves from Montchardon to St. Marcellin at 8.10 hours am and 17.15 hours pm.

On Sundays, at the end of a course the center does not provide shuttle services from Montchardon to St. Marcellin. During your stay, please look for somebody to go with by car.


If your arrival does not correspond to the transportation service times you can get a taxi from St. Marcellin.

Taxi Sympa (Céline) : +33 6 84 01 80 19 Compagnie des Taxis : +33 6 41 00 75 07 / +33 6 81 19 08 81 Taxi des Coteaux : +33 4 76 64 10 76 /+33 6 75 26 48 24 Elis Taxi : +33 6 72 57 65 50 Taxi Saint Justois (Fabrice Gemo) : +33 6 15 93 43 04

Health Urgency: Ambulances of St Marcellin : +33 4 76 64 04 88 / +33 4 76 64 07 64

Tourist office St Marcellin : +33 4 76 38 53 85

Concerning the courses from May to September 2020
Attention: For the moment the courses from May to September 2020 newly added on the site, are not yet bookable.
Don’t worry! The opening date for booking these courses will be communicated to you soon by email through the “Nouvelles de Montchardon” and will also be announced on the website on the Home page.
There is therefore no need to contact the Reception, phone or send booking dates for events that do not appear in the drop-down list on the booking form.
For any other question, please use this form.

Formulaire de contact simple

Concernant les stages de mai à septembre 2020
Attention: Pour le moment les stages de mai à septembre 2020 nouvellement ajoutés sur le site, ne sont pas encore réservables.
Ne vous inquiétez pas ! la date d’ouverture de réservation de ces stages vous sera communiquée prochainement par email à travers les “Nouvelles de Montchardon” et sera annoncée également sur le site web sur la page d’Accueil.
Il est donc inutile de contacter l’Accueil, de téléphoner ou d’envoyer des dates de réservation pour des événements qui n’apparaissent pas dans la liste déroulante du formulaire de réservation.
Pour tout autre question, veuillez utiliser ce formulaire.

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